Chiesa Di S. Agostino – Roma


Via di Sant’Eustachio, 19 – Roma

Date of realization



Soprintendenza per i Beni Ambientali e Architettonici di Roma


Static consolidation project.


The project involved the consolidation of masonry using hydraulic lime, the introduction of metal chains in masonry arches and finally the consolidation and treatment of the wooden trusses of the Church of Sant’Agostino in Rome

The covering mantle and the main and secondary warps presented an advanced state of deterioration. The bad functioning of the roofing has allowed the infiltration of water that has produced devastating effects on the wood structure. This fact, together with the insufficient sizing of the purlins and the weighting entirely on the dome, has advised to replace the existing roofing and to build a space truss that relieves the dome from the added weight.

The dismantling of the existing roof, the recovery, the stacking and the cleaning of the tiles and tiles, preceded the complete removal of the secondary frame. In place of the existing purlins, seasoned wood purlins with a larger section than the previous one were installed. The new purlins have been bolted to the supports for the area outside the metal truss, and rest on shoes for those inside the truss. The primary structure of the two areas on either side of the dome has been replaced with beams of a suitable section whose head has been covered with lead plates to create a ventilated support, and has been treated in order to avoid the attack of xylophagous insects .

In the central part of the roof in correspondence of the dome a three-dimensional space truss has been realized with structural steel pipes, anchored to the wall through plates and tie-rods. Finally the roof covering has been completely replaced with a new covering.

In order to restore the walls of the attic to the original performance capabilities, the masonry was also consolidated. Near the end of the trusses, some openings have been made to release the terminal part of the trusses.

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