Palazzo Chigi – Roma


Piazza Colonna, 370 – Roma

Date of realization



Eugenio Ciotola Spa


Adaptation to fire regulations.


The seat of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers has been the subject of the adaptation to the current legislation on fire safety.

The Palazzo hosting the Government of the Italian Republic since 1961 is characterized by an architectural history dating back to the end of the sixteenth century, inserted in a historically consolidated urban fabric. The development of the building is characterized by several phases during which it has been involved by successive adaptations to the changing needs, reflecting the alternating historical-political events of our country, purchased by the Italian State in 1916 and designated as Foreign Ministry.
Palazzo Chigi hosts distinct uses: next to the representative rooms hosting State meetings of considerable political importance, the offices responsible for legislative activity promoted by the Government are present on several levels, as well as the Presidential apartment itself. The degree of complexity of the developed project is evident, on the one hand pressing the need to protect the historic artistic heritage, and on the other the importance of ensuring valid protection measures, for the purposes of fire safety, to the people present in the places of work.
In this regard, we recall the Biblioteca Chigiana, a hall of the ancient librarian of the seventeenth century, built on the design of the architect G.B.Contini, in which there is a considerable literary heritage. To protect these assets, the compatibility of the safety measures set up by way of derogation from the current regulations has been verified.
Particularly significant was the resolution of some critical issues, achieved through the use of innovative active protection technologies, through which to guarantee a level of security otherwise unattainable with traditionally adopted solutions. Consistent with the latest developments in fire protection design, it has been conducted in-depth performance analysis using an engineering approach.

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