Sala prove della banda musicale di finanza presso la caserma “MAVM TEN. COL. Vittorio Galiano” – Roma


Via della Batteria di Porta Furba, 34 – Roma

Date of realization



Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti Provveditorato Interregionale OO. PP. Lazio


Architectural, acoustic design, electrical and special mechanical systems.


Acoustic, architectural and plant execution planning aimed at obtaining a high acoustic quality required for the rehearsal room. Music band of the Guardia di Finanza. The architectural design could not ignore the acoustic project, given the remarkable correlation between the formal aspects of the architecture and the acoustic functionality of the designed environment. At the end of an in-depth theoretical study on the basis of a finite element model, the correct proportions between the surfaces of the covering panels to be foreseen inside the Test Room have been deduced, coordinating the architectural design with the lighting installation. Particularly stimulating was the engineering of the theoretical results obtained from the modeling activity undertaken, in order to reconcile the quality of the architectural image with the technical efficiency of the proposed solutions. An acoustic false ceiling facilitates the homogeneous diffusion of the sound waves inside the Hall, a stage equipped with service equipment allows the regular performance of the band’s musical activity.

The intervention reconciled the functioning of the pre-existing installations with the installation of the new technological equipment to complement the former, in a framework of satisfaction of the changes, current needs of the musical band of the Guardia di Finanza. By coordinating the design compatibly with the architectural project, the air-conditioning system was adapted, including a system for feeding the Air Treatment Unit and fan coils, a sanitary water network. Given the important dimensions of the room, the air distribution system has been carefully studied, setting up long-throw adjustable diffusers. Also in the context of the design of electrical systems it was necessary to provide for the compatibility of new technological installations with existing equipment. Moreover, given the particular intended use of the room, specific technical lighting systems have been proposed to support the needs of the scene.

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