A.T. Advanced Technologies S.R.L.


The new frontier of Audiovisual Digital Services consists in presenting the Projects and the Building phases with the tools of Augmented Virtual Reality, showing the Large Works through 360 ° spherical visualization and the constructive details of reduced scale with the more traditional method of vision in Stereoscopic 3D.

Likewise, this type of instruments can be used to present to workers all the operational phases of the construction and installation of the manufactured products, simulating operational risk situations in order to improve the management of safety on construction sites.

The photographic and video shootings necessary for this purpose are obtained through automatic systems for remote controlled image collection, using Drones and many other special fixed and mobile supports that we have specifically studied in order to obtain a description of the stages of progress of the work and a final vision of the work that perfectly overlap with the animations made in the design phase, replacing the digital animations of the project with the images of augmented virtual reality, realized during construction and completed.

A long experience in the field of scientific and technical documentation, aimed in particular at large infrastructural works, allows the A.T. Advanced Technologies S.r.l. to propose an integrated service for image management and communication of the construction process.

The service must necessarily be activated before the start of the construction phases and bases the planning of its activities on the BIM (Building Information Modeling); our work team includes integrated professionals with long experience in the fields of engineering, film and television directing and information technology.

We believe that digital tools and processes available today have the power to change the future of the construction environment. Our intent is to help evaluate its potential to develop the most appropriate visual and information integrated services to reduce production costs, increasing the efficiency and efficiency of all phases of the project.

Servizi Integrativi Visivi e Informativi